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Chile establishes pioneer standard in Latin America for drones

Drone flies park in Santiago: aircraft can not fly above an altitude of 130 meters or weigh more than 6 kg.

Chile, April 10, 2015– Chile filed on April 10, 2015 a pioneer standard in Latin America to regulate the flight of aircraft piloted remotely or drones, both in their public and private use, great popularity in the country today .

"Drones are aircraft that were out of any rule. With this regulation, pioneered at least in Latin America, its use will be regulated," told AFP Maximiliano Larraechea, responsible for the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC), after presenting the new Regulation.

No other country in Latin America today has a standard for drones. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) estimates that deliver an international regulation only in 2018, according to the DGAC.

The Chilean standard, known as DAN 151, regulates the use of drones with public purposes mainly companies and the media, prohibiting the use of more than 6 pounds aircraft and the use of a parachute making it mandatory to prevent accidents.

If a drone seven kilograms dropped from a height of 10 meters, its impact on the ground is 70 kilograms. "It kills a person, so we demand the parachute and limit the weight," explained Larraechea.

The drones can not fly above an altitude of 130 meters, or more than 500 meters away from the operator. Can not be used at night, are prohibited from flying mass events and must do so at least two kilometers from the airport.

The drones must be registered before the DGAC and its operators will need to obtain a flying license. Those who contravene these rules should pay fines that reach US$ 36,000.

Given the great popularity of small models of drones between private users, the DGAC has determined that these aircraft will be put into operation in the homes of their owners, but not more than 130 feet tall, or outside of urban areas. His flight was banned in public spaces in cities.

Larraechea also indicated that the use of drones for commercial purposes is prohibited, unlike what happens in the United States, where tests were made to use them in the delivery of products or to provide internet.

Source:Exame Abril