Home News Chicken restaurant chain purchased Corda’s solution to better visualize data

Chicken restaurant chain purchased Corda’s solution to better visualize data

PopChart + OptiMap helps Chick-fil-A’s management visualize their data more clearly, helping them make better informed decisions

CORDA Technologies Inc., a Utah-based developer of sophisticated, interactive Web-based charting and mapping solutions, announced that Chick-fil-A, Inc., the chicken restaurant chain in the U.S., has purchased Corda’s PopChart + OptiMap. PopChart + OptiMap solution provides a powerful way to monitor real-time data centric aspects of their organization through interactive charts, graphs and maps. Corda’s interactive data visualization products and solutions allow organizations to easily translate their business data into useful and intuitive graphics. Information that might have required days or weeks to clearly comprehend, can now be seen and immediately understood by management at Chick-fil-A using Corda’s interactive charts, maps and dashboards.

A PopChart + OptiMap system can contain a variety of map and graph images. On-demand dynamic data, including explanatory text boxes, callout notes, or popup text that appears as a viewer rolls over certain parts of the map or graph. The system can even include interactive drill-down effects, such as linking to another map or graph when a user clicks on a particular data item. The information contained in the charts, graphs and maps is made accessible to blind and low vision individuals through automated descriptive text that is created at the time the chart or map is created.