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Cheves Media launches the American Surveyor

Cheves Media LLC announced the creation of The American Surveyor, a publication for today’s land surveyors and geomatics professionals. With a broad circulation that includes both print and electronic formats, The American Surveyor will blend feature editorial, contributions by respected columnists, and unique journalistic portraits of contemporary American surveyors. Eight issues will be published in 2004, beginning with the charter issue in January. Content will focus on all aspects of surveying, mapping, and measurement and positioning.

Marc Cheves and Allen Cheves, creators of The American Surveyor, have been responsible for the growth of a number of successful publishing ventures in the geographic technology arena. Their experience, combined with vision and commitment, promises to make The American Surveyor a stand-alone publication in the markets.

Editor Marc Cheves brings more than 40 years of wide-ranging land surveying experience to the pages of The American Surveyor. Licensed in five states, Cheves has worked at all levels of the industry-from field to management, from technical support to journalism. He is a member of ACSM/NSPS, and past-president of both the Maryland Society of Surveyors, and the Geographic and Land Information Society.

Cheves Media welcomes submissions. For more information on editorial guidelines and policies, contact Marc Cheves at 301-620-0784 ([email protected]).

To discuss the magazine or charter volume marketing opportunities in more detail, contact Allen Cheves at 301-668-8887 ([email protected]). Ad materials for the charter issue will be accepted through Friday, December 12th.

General inquiries can be directed to:
Allen Cheves, Publisher
Tel: +1 (301) 668-8887
E-mail: [email protected]