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Cherre and SafeGraph Partner to Integrate Geospatial Data into Cherre’s Award Winning AI Platform

 Cherre, the NYC-based real estate data and analytics platform, today announced a new data partnership with SafeGraph, a data-focused company powering innovation through open access to geospatial data. Cherre will integrate SafeGraph’s Point-of-Interest (POI), geometry, and pattern data into its platform, enabling mutual customers to incorporate industry-leading geospatial data.

SafeGraph’s unique technical approach includes ingesting data from thousands of sources, such as government data, web crawling, store locators, first-party data and satellite imagery. SafeGraph then algorithmically classifies and spatializes the information, using machine learning and human intervention to process data and update it regularly. Combined with Cherre’s existing 300K datasets and more than 2 million connected data points, this partnership provides customers with enhanced physical location data to make investment or underwriting decisions.

“SafeGraph’s mission is to make the world’s data open for innovation,” said Jonathan Wolf, Head of Partnerships at SafeGraph. “By partnering with Cherre to provide actionable real estate analytics, mutual customers will be able to innovate using our geospatial data at an exciting rate.”

Cherre’s platform is widely recognized as having the industry’s most comprehensive knowledge graph with granular, actionable information on over 177 million properties, 84 million companies, 300K datasets, and more than 2 million connected data points, enriched with macroeconomic, geospatial and demographically pertinent datasets. To meet customers’ most demanding use cases, the platform supports data delivery through a high-performance, low-latency API, as well as through a transactional database.

“Cherre’s platform empowers customers to instantly collect, augment, resolve, and analyze data sets in real-time from hundreds of thousands of public, private, and internal sources,” said Steve Coutts, Head of Data Partnerships at Cherre. “The partnership with SafeGraph will integrate the most precise POI data on the market into Cherre’s platform, providing mutual customers the ability to conduct sophisticated physical location analysis as part of their real estate decision making.”