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CHENNAI, India: Officials of the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB) or Metrowater will soon use GIS to identify the location and details of pipelines and other utilities. This, they say, will speed up the process of fault-rectification.

The Planning Commission recently introduced the concept of electronically mapping Chennai to help identify the utilities of various government bodies. The CMWSSB is included in the project which will be coordinated by the Chennai Corporation. The latter will have the main server.

Though the Planning Commission has just announced the project, the CMWSSB had carried out its pilot project three years ago. “It included 10 depots in and around Anna Nagar. We first obtained the satellite maps and then digitized them in GIS format. Details about all our utilities, including pipelines and its depth, the number of connections, the route of the pipes, etc. were fed in and could be accessed by merely placing the cursor on the desired location.” said a senior Metrowater official.