Home Land Administration Chennai to be digitally mapped for third time in six years

Chennai to be digitally mapped for third time in six years

India, October 30, 2014: Chennai Corporation is planning to digitally map the entire 426 sq km of the Chennai city for the third time in six years, claims a report published by English daily, Times of India.

According to the report, the state government has digitally mapped 17 cities and towns, including Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Salem, Vellore and municipalities like Ooty recently, but Chennai Corporation hasn't been able to make headway due to ‘inefficiency of the contractor’.

With this massive exercise, the corporation aims to establish a detailed map of the city which would include position of every building, road, pavement, trees, street light, drain and pipeline as well as hospitals and schools. The effort is expected to not just re-assess properties but provide a boost to the property tax revenue of the corporation.

The idea to digitally map the city was first announced in 2008 and a pilot was carried out in Broadway. The project, which is expected to start in November, would take a year to complete. Once, complete, the corporation would offer conditional access to the map to the public.

The project will use Geographic Information System (GIS) to analyse and display geographically referred information superimposed on satellite images that will include sewer manholes, water bodies, vacant land, public toilets, ATM facilities, banks, marriage halls and other infrastructure.

Source: Times of India