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Challenges are significant, opportunities are real: Mark Riechardt of OGC

Hyderabad (India) February 9, 2015: Chairing a session on the need to develop common standards for geospatial technology at the South Asia Geospatial Forum 2015, Mark E Reichardt, President and CEO, Open Geospatial Consortium said that global changes are creating complex problems. He added that while these problems cut across multiple domains, geospatial technology has been playing an important part in problem solving and decision making process.

“Challenges are significant but at the same time, opportunities are real,” he said. “Global changes create complex problems which cut across multiple domains. To solve these issues it is important to create an enabling environment for use of technology in problem solving and decision making process.”

Stressing on the importance of developing standards that would prepare a fertile ground for interoperable systems he added, “With the sensor webs and higher adoption of mobile devices, the number of sources of geo-data has increased geometrically. Today, there is a myriad of geospatial data sources and producers. We need to understand how to use this ‘high-velocity’ data in a way that is both based on interoperability standards and which is not platform-centric.”

Giving an allegory of the Baltimore fire accident, he reminded delegates how firefighters failed to douse the fire despite the authorities had arranged fire engines from neighbouring areas. “The firefighter failed to arrest the fire as the fire hydrant valves of engines of different cities were of different sizes. Thus, standards are necessary to implement interoperability.”

He concluded his address by stating that mobile technology has emerged as the laboratory for innovation and the new solutions are not only about web but about mobile device centric. “Now, you will see a lot of OGC standards being developed for mobile platforms.”

Source: Our Correspondent