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Challenge to spur the geospatial industry

Singapore: Singapore Land Authority has launched OneMap Challenge that seeks to promote the development of innovative map-based desktop and mobile applications by businesses and the community. 
The OneMap Challenge provides a platform for application developers to showcase their creativity through the apps they develop to an increasingly tech-savvy population and enterprises, including those represented by the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) which is one of the competition promotion partners. The Challenge also aims to facilitate collaborations between potential business partners for creating location-based apps that are useful for business enterprises and the general community. 
Ng Siau Yong, Director of GeoSpatial Division, Singapore Land Authority said, “Geospatial information is fast becoming indispensable in our daily life, at work or at play. We need to evolve a vibrant geospatial ecosystem of content and solution providers to cater to the growth of its use as well as the development of innovative location-based apps. OneMap Challenge is part of our effort to this end.”  
With two top prizes of $20,000 cash each and other attractive prizes up for grabs, the OneMap Challenge is divided into two categories – Web Applications for applications that run on web browsers and Mobile Applications for those that run on smart phones, tablets and other portable devices. The Challenge evaluation criteria include originality of concept, social or commercial value and its user friendliness. Participants are strongly encouraged to tap on over 45 layers of theme data contributed by various public agencies on OneMap as well as the datasets on www.data.gov.sg.  Participants can mash up these public data with commercial and community data for creation of the applications.
Source: www.sla.gov.sg