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CGIS Qatar initiates

Doha, Qatar, December 2006 – The Centre for GIS, Qatar, has initiated a project “Provision of GIS Services”, and this was formally announced by Manaf Ahmed Al Sada, Director, CGIS. The project is being executed by Mannai Corporation. Mannai has been given the mandate for updating the existing GIS facilities and systems in line with the international state-of-the-art GIS technology based on ESRI.

This will cover seven GIS agencies who are members of the National Geographic Information System community of the State of Qatar: Centre for GIS, Electricity (Kaharmaa), Supreme Council of Environment and Natural Reserves, Ministry of Education, Agriculture Information Center (AIC), MMAA, Ministry of Interior (MOI) and Statistical Department, Planning Council.

This project is a reflection of the government’s decision to maintain digital maps and keep them updated to keep pace with the significant infrastructure development in the country.

The scope of the project involves the transition of existing GIS data such as Coverages / ArcSDE geo-database model to the latest object-oriented ESRI Geo-database model and re-developing the existing GIS applications into the latest VBA/Arc Objects and Microsoft COM+ based on RAD environment of ESRI ArcGIS 9.x for all identified seven agencies. The scope of the project also involves studying, analyzing, modeling, designing, creating and migrating the existing GIS databases of all identified seven agencies into new optimal ArcSDE geo-database models under Oracle RDBMS.

– About CGIS Qatar
Being the official GIS and Mapping agency of Qatar, the primary mission of the CGIS is to maintain up to date topographic base map for the entire State of Qatar and make it available for GIS agencies. CGIS is also responsible for maintaining and replicating the integrated centralised nation-wide GIS database and make it available for all authorised users on a 24×7 basis.