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November 2006 – A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and the Consultative Group for International Agriculture Research – Consortium for Spatial Information (CGIAR-CSI) on 31 October 2006, as a formal basis for further collaboration and to provide a platform to encourage the sharing of experiences and learning in spatial information and applications for sustainable development, and establishing ICIMOD as a full member of the CGIAR-CSI.

In October 2005, ICIMOD was invited to become a member of the CGIAR-CSI at the Annual Meeting, held in Nairobi, Kenya. Discussions between the two organizations in collaborating have resulted in formulation of the MoU to:

– To promote spatial information and applications for sustainable development
– To enhance information exchange and share ideas and provide comments and suggestions where relevant and needed
– To emphasize effective networking with other potential partners in promoting spatial information and applications especially the UN led initiatives such as UNSDI and UNGIWG
– To develop joint proposals, organize joint events and facilitate exchange visits of resource persons and experts as mutually agreed upon
– To promote each other through their respective GeoPortal websites, and learn and share experiences in leveraging and promoting spatial information and application products through the portal.

Both ICIMOD and CGIAR-CSI are considered important partners within the UN led and adopting and promoting metadata protocol developed by FAO as members of the GeoNetwork.

The Consortium for Spatial Information (CGIAR-CSI) (https://csi.cgiar.org) is an initiative of the many geospatial scientists within the Consultative Group for International Agriculture Research (CGIAR), linking the efforts of CGIAR scientists, national and international partners, and others working to apply and advance Geospatial Science for International Sustainable Agriculture Development, Natural Resource Management, Biodiversity Conservation, and Poverty Alleviation in Developing Countries.

The CGIAR-CSI works to facilitate collaboration and capacity building for Data Sharing, Data Dissemination, and Geospatial Analysis amongst the fifteen CGIAR Centers and their many regional activities; with geospatial laboratories, scientists and researchers throughout the developing countries; and within the broader Global Research and Development Communities.

– About CGIAR
The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) (https://www.cgiar.org) is a strategic alliance of countries, international and regional organizations, and private foundations supporting 15 international agricultural Centers that work with national agricultural research systems and civil society organizations including the private sector. The alliance mobilizes agricultural science to reduce poverty, foster human well being, promote agricultural growth and protect the environment. The CGIAR generates global public goods that are available to all.

– About ICIMOD
The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) (https://www.icimod.org), established in 1983 in Kathmandu, Nepal, serves eight regional member countries of the greater Himalayan region and the global mountain community. As a mountain learning and knowledge centre, ICIMOD seeks to develop and provide innovative solutions, in cooperation with over 300 regional and international partners, which foster action and change for overcoming mountain people’s economic, social and physical vulnerability.