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CEVA launches new Xpert-GPS solution

CEVA, Inc., the US-based licensor of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) cores and communications solutions to the semiconductor industry, introduced Xpert-GPS, the industry’s first DSP-based GPS solution, which delivers significant advances in the cost, power dissipation and location performance to GPS-enabled devices such as wireless phones and telematic devices.

It is claimed that the Xpert-GPS solution reduces power consumption and thus increases battery life by up to four times that of existing solutions. In addition, Xpert-GPS leverages the unique processing features of CEVA DSPs to reduce overall development and manufacturing costs. Unlike hardware-based solutions that target single cellular standards, Xpert-GPS further reduces costs by supporting all wireless standards including GSM, CDMA, W-CDMA, GPRS and UMTS.

Xpert-GPS is the eighth generation of GPS technology from CEVA and delivers instant and accurate location information to within 5 meters. It also slashes the “time to first fix” to 2.5 seconds when a system is first powered up, and provides an instantaneous “location lock” in continuous tracking mode. Instant and accurate positioning is required for widespread adoption of GPS mobile devices and is fundamental to enabling emerging and important location-based services (LBS).