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CENTRIC simplifies land purchases in Romania

Romania: Unlike most European countries, Romania does not have a general cadastre. To make legal contracts like land purchasing easy, the initiative of the project Centre for ExcelleNce in TerRItorial management and Cadastre – CENTRIC — has been started by the National Agency of Cadastre and Land Registration. Its main purpose is to create a Centre of Excellence which will be capable to achieve, in the medium to long‐term, strong scientific presence at the EU and international level, acquiring a position that will enable it to actively participate and influence developments in scientific domains such as airborne and satellite imagery processing, 3D/4D geospatial big data analysis and analytics, linked geospatial data (regarded as important topic for National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies ‐ NMCA), photogrammetry, surveying, simulation, feature extraction, land classification, change detection, and territorial monitoring from remotely sensed data. The project is financed by the EU Framework Program Horizon 2020.

Furthermore, the project aims at the creation of a suitable ecosystem at the national Romanian and EU level, through a number of capacity building and dissemination activities. The whole project is based on the creation of long‐lasting joint venture between partners from both advanced and low performing countries, including institutional cooperation between ANCPI and its counterpart in the Trentino region (Italy), considered as a best practice at the EU level. Under the coordination of ANCPI, the project involves various research and innovation (public or private) institutions.

The project aims at the creation of a new cluster, a research and innovation ecosystem built around the CENTRIC Centre of Excellence and Innovation Centre, where the various players (research centres, public administration and industry) can benefit from significant “know‐how” transfer from other EU countries by leveraging on a number of successful and innovation‐related concepts.

Source: UNECE