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Centre for satellite-based navigation System to smoothen Air traffic

New Delhi- The centre has reasserted its resolve to move towards satellite-based navigation system in a bid to smoothen the air traffic operations.

The civil aviation secretary, Mr. K. Roy Paul, felt that the new system has to be implemented, as the conventional technology would not be able to cope with the increasingly crowded air space. He was speaking at a conference on “Global Navigation Satellite System,” organised jointly by the Airport Authority of India (AAI) and United States Federal Aviation Agency (FAA).

Describing the transition as a “challenge”, the aviation secretary said India is a “late starter” in the process of transiting to the satellite-based system. “It will however have the advantage of drawing from the expertise and experience of others like the FAA, who have invested vast financial and human resources to develop the system,” he said.

Mr. Roy Paul added that India was not looking for financial aid “but for cooperation, transfer of technology and expert advice.” He said the AAI and Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) are now putting together various elements of the complex system, which will be implemented at a cost of Rs. 500 crore.

Also speaking at the conference, the Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of USA, Mr. Albert A Thibault, said the US-India cooperation was a “cornerstone” for providing a seamless satellite-based navigation-operating environment between the two airspaces. He added that satellite-based navigation was required to take aviation safety to the next higher level.

The senior American Diplomat noted that a US-based company, Raytheon was one of the bidders for the system being set up by ISRO. “An agency of the united States government – the US trade and development agency – has offered a $500,000 training grant to facilitate execution of the project,” said Mr. Thibault.