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Centre approves project to protect the fragile environs in India

To protect the fragile environment and manage the natural resources of the city, the National (Natural) Resource Information System (NRIS), a national project, has been approved for the city by the Union government of India.

The department of Space and Planning Commission in the Central government has approved this project. The project will be implemented jointly by the Punjab Remote Centre at Ludhiana and the Regional Remote Sensing Service Centre, the Department of Space at Dehradun.

Under this project, natural resource inventory, including habitation, road network and other infrastructure will
be generated.

Then this information will be digitised and the data base transferred to the administration. A map of the city will also be prepared in this regard, said sources. Sources said that the prime objective of NRIS is to provide information on various planning scenario to decision-makers for the sustainable development of both the land and the water resources.

Information will be provided on natural resources related to land, water, forest, minerals, soils and oceans and socio-economic information like demographic data, financial allocations, development targets. ‘‘The integration of these sets of information will help in the process of decision making for systematic utilisation of resources and also aid in achieving sustainable development,’’ sources added.

An officer said that the crux of the project was the management of various natural resources to maintain a balance between the competing demands and protect the fragile environment. This entailed the rational utilisation of existing natural resources to reduce regional imbalance and promote sustainable development without degrading the environment.