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Central Texas HUB to enhance situational awareness

Texas, USA: The Center for Research in Water Resources (CRWR) at the University of Texas at Austin, USA, partnered with KISTERS, a Germany based water data management group, and Esri to build the Central Texas HUB, an information system that integrates water information in space and time across organisations to provide a unified view of flood conditions for the Central Texas region.

The Central Texas HUB is a system for bringing together geospatial and temporal water information at regional and local scales. It describes the characteristics of the landscape through which water flows, and the properties of the water itself. The HUB aims to link water observations data with models to simulate and forecast water movement through a river network. All this will be done on the web to make the information universally accessible.

One of the strengths of the HUB is its ability to provide spatial and temporal context within a common geographic interface. Along with providing the user with basic water observations data, the HUB also allows a user to view the watershed in which they are located. Geospatial information services provided by Esri are used to delineate the drainage area for each stream gauge, and to construct interpolated precipitation maps derived from observed precipitation data. Behind the scenes, multiple web services are seamlessly working together to provide these useful and informative products to the user.

Although the Central Texas HUB provides a web map solution for viewing and interpreting “real-time” water information, others users can utilise data from the HUB to build their own map applications. All the data within the HUB is available through a suite of proven industry and open standard web services and encodings (e.g. OGC Web Services, Esri Map Services, JSON, WaterML etc.). These services are all made available through the KISTERS Web Interoperability Solution (KiWIS).

Source: Esri