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CenterPoint Energy completes ArcGIS and ArcFM implementation

CenterPoint Energy has completed its conversion to ESRI’s ArcGIS software and Miner and Miner’s ArcFM software, and a phased rollout is currently under way for gas operations in Minnesota. Now all CenterPoint Energy gas local distribution companies (LDCs) and the electric distribution company in Houston utilize a single GIS platform for their business and engineering needs. ESRI provided data conversion services and technical support, while Miner and Miner provided application development and consulting services.

CenterPoint Energy serves more than 745,000 customers in over 240 Minnesota communities with natural gas services. The company maintains a utility infrastructure that includes more than 11,000 miles of gas main lines and 10,000 miles of gas service lines.

CenterPoint Energy will utilize a suite of ArcGIS software including ESRI’s ArcInfo, ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcSDE. The company will also utilize the ArcFM and Designer software from Miner and Miner.

All GIS users within the various CenterPoint Energy LDCs will utilize the ESRI platform when the phased rollout is complete. Departments such as Engineering, Operations, Survey and Mapping, Land and Right-of-Way, Line Locating, Corporate Communications, Marketing, Environmental, Planning, Dispatching, and more all have the ability to spatially query, analyze, and/or view information. More than 200 database editors work to maintain data for more than 4,500 users.

By utilizing a single, comprehensive enterprise GIS system, users benefit with the most accurate and timely data and applications possible. Cost savings are achieved through streamlined processes, elimination of data and work redundancies, and reduced software maintenance. Other benefits expected include greater productivity, improved interdepartmental and interagency communication, and easier access to information, all in a fully integrated, open, and scalable spatial database environment.