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Center for space monitoring of Arctic region opens

Russia: Center of Space Monitoring of the Arctic Region opened at the Institute of the Information & Space Technologies of the Northern Arctic Federal University. The backbone of this centre is the national technology of Earth observation data reception and processing “UniScan-36”, developed and manufactured by the ScanEx Research & Development Center, said ScanEx.

 “Opening of this Center is the significant event not only for the university and the Arkhangelsk region, but for the whole of Russia,” observed Elena Kudryashova, Rector, Northern Arctic Federal University (NARFU).

The idea of creating a Center of Space Monitoring of the Arctic Region at the NARFU was conceived a month ago. According to the Director of the NARFU’s Center of Space Monitoring of the Arctic Region Sergei Koposov, a wide range of tasks will be resolved based on this centre, such as improvement of education programmes, scientific and research work, near real-time mode monitoring for the purpose of the national economy.

“Satellite imagery is sometimes the only source of unbiased and updated information about the condition of the territories, especially of such remote and hard-to-reach places such as the Russian Arctic,” said General Director of ScanEx RDC Vladimir Gershenzon.

UniScan-36 complex was used in Arkhangelsk to organise a direct reception of satellite data from different remote sensing satellites: Terra/Aqua, EROS B, RADARSAT-1/-2, and SPOT 5. The operations with optical and radar images of different resolution ensure the possibility to carry out monitoring of the ice situation in water areas, to organise information support and optimisation of ship navigation, to monitor the forestry, fishery, subsoil use, construction etc. The footprint of the UniScan-36 station installed at the NARFU is 3500km in radius.

As of today, centres of space monitoring have been created and have been functioning based on the UniScan technology at more than 15 higher education institutions of Russia, the company further said. But NARFU is the only university in Russia, where a UniScan-36 complex is installed. All other higher education institutions operate UniScan-24 complexes.

Source: ScanEx