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Census CD and Maps 1990-2000 for U.S.A. released

Tracking and mapping demographic changes are fundamental to social research and business marketing. GeoLytics just released the new Census CD + Maps 1990-2000, which allows libraries, non-profits, small businesses, and anyone interested in recent American demographic trends to have access to an user friendly dataset. This new product has basic geographies from zip code to the national level (nation, state, county, MCD, place, congress, zip, MSA/CMSA, PMSA, & American Indian).

It also brings together two datasets: normalized 1990 Long Form Data in 2000 Boundaries, as well as 2000 Long Form Data. With selections of variables drawn from these two census datasets combined into a single CD product, users have an unparalleled software product that quickly demonstrates demographic change over the course of two decades. CensusCD + Maps 1990-2000 has other features such as the built-in Time Series Report. With this report, all one has to do is define one’s area (such as a county or a town, etc.) and hit run. The report is produced with both 2000 and 1990 data, and calculates the percentage change automatically so one can compare the data quickly and easily.