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Census 2000 SF3 Database from Spatial Insights

Spatial Insights has announced the availability of demographic data variables from the actual 2000 Census. The Summary File 3 (SF3) will be the first release of the information collected on a sample basis. Data are available down to the block group for many abulations but only down to the Census tract for others, and are GIS-ready in MapInfo and SHP file formats.

The SF3 Database Package consists of detailed tables of Census 2000 social, economic, and housing characteristics compiled from a sample of approximately 19 million housing units (about 1 in 6 households) that received the Census 2000 long-form questionnaire.

Summary File 3 presents in-depth population and housing data collected on a sample basis from the Census 2000 long form questionnaire, as well as the topics from the short form 100-percent data (age, race, sex, Hispanic or Latino origin, tenure [whether a housing unit is owner- or renter-occupied], and vacancy status). It includes population totals for ancestry groups. It also includes selected characteristics for a limited number of race and Hispanic or Latino categories.