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Cell phones equipped with GPS technology in Japan

Getting around the complex streets of Tokyo is no sweat with new cell phones equipped with global positioning system technology.

The GPS phones, which use satellites to find out where their bearer is at any time, work like car-navigation equipment to guide people to their destination, said Nami Terai, spokeswoman for Japanese mobile carrier KDDI Corp.

Punch in a phone number, name of a building or other landmark, and the cell phone downloads a map of that area and directs you with an electronic voice: “Turn left at the next corner,” or “You have strayed from your route,” vibrating every time it speaks.

EZ Navi Walk, which KDDI first offered five months ago, now comes in three models. One has a compass feature with maps that turn as you walk in a different direction. If a place is far, EZ Navi Walk will advise you to take a train first.

For those needing extra help, searches and guides for restaurants, shops and movie theaters are also available in Japan’s Internet-linking phones.