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Celesc Geração modernizes geographic management

Celesc Geração acquired a system to facilitate the management of environmental and land property issues. According to the company, the system enables the territorial management of plants to have more agility, speed, security, reliability and data control – in technical, tax and environmental terms.

The solution implemented brought together spatial and property records, besides of saving the historical series of information related to the enterprise. In addition, the system allows the visualization of layers of map data, the design of thematic maps, as well as data and documents editing.

“The difference is very big. Before it was necessary to look for documents in folders one by one, with no map”, said Ana Maria Melo Peixoto, Division of Environment. The reason is that, before the technology, there was great difficulty in accessing information – available only in physical, analog files – without any kind of geospatial information of land.

The Geographic Information System combines satellite imagery, as well as documents related to a specific plant. Access is fast and the images and documents can be physically and electronically printed and sent to the stakeholders.

Source: Jornal da Energia