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CEDRA AVland now for ArcGIS

The CEDRA Corporation announces the release of CEDRA AVland. A civil engineering software package that expands ArcGIS into the world of land development, site development, parcel/tax mapping, roadway, sewer, drainage and water distribution applications. One aspect of specialized CEDRA-AVland commands enable the engineer to mass generate fully annotated topographic maps and construction drawings. Utilizing the GeoDatabase technology, CEDRA AVland for ArcGIS offers a new approach to performing design. Typical municipal or private civil engineering projects involve street center lines, or as commonly referred to as, alignments. Utilizing the Personal GeoDatabase (PGD), the CEDRA-AVland software creates a PGD for each alignment that is being designed. Within the PGD, the software stores the horizontal geometry of the street alignment, its vertical alignment, cross-sections, profiles, and all annotation associated with the street center line. In addition, the information stored in the PGD contains elevation data (Z’s). As such, ESRI’s, 3D Analyst can be used to display three-dimensional images of the project. Thus, the designer in a single PGD has all of the relevant information associated with the street center line with the individual components of the alignment being stored as separate data sets.