CBERS-4 for Brazil launched by China

CBERS-4 for Brazil launched by China


CBERS-4 for Brazil launched by China - Image Credits:english.cntv.cnThe fifth cooperative mission between China and Brazil was launched at 03:26UTC on Sunday from the LC9 launch complex at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre. This was also a milestone 200th launch for the Chinese rocket fleet, March-4B.

According to NASASpaceFlight.com, the launch of CBERS-4 was originally scheduled for December 2015. However, due to the loss of CBERS-3, China and Brazil agreed to anticipate the launch one year.

CBERS-4 carries four cameras in the payload module, with improved geometrical and radiometric performance (MUXCam, PanMUX, IRS and WFI). The features of the various on-board cameras are as below:

Camera Type of data Resolution
MUXCam Multispectral 20 m
PanMUX Panchromatic 5 m
IRS Multispectral 20 m – 200m
WFI Multi spectral 64 m

Source: NASASpaceFlight.com