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Caymanland website is relaunched with range of new features

After numerous issues arising out of hurricane Ivan which kept it out of full action, the Lands and Survey Department is re-launching its website, www.caymanlandinfo.ky with new and improved options for subscribers which will mean greater ease of use and functionality. Originally launched in June 2004, the site provides access to all Lands and Survey services, including valuation, registry, survey and interactive mapping which integrates databases and a variety of mapping sources and recent and historical aerial photography. The services interest a wide sector of industries and professionals, such as insurance, utility companies, attorneys, architects, engineers, realtors, project managers and surveyors.

A variety of technical issues including a server that was damaged during Hurricane Ivan, led to the suspension of many interactive mapping services in the subscriber-only area of the site. Among the new features in the multi-layered mapping are layers with 2004 pre-Ivan aerial photography and post-Ivan satellite imagery. The high-resolution photography offers a clear picture of land boundaries and structures which may have been damaged during Ivan’s passing. Just weeks after the storm, Lands and Survey took an important role in the post-Ivan recovery effort by sourcing aerial photography of the Island and conducting an intensive survey which resulted in a map of Ivan storm surge levels.

Map services offered to subscribers online are truly interactive and highlight the latest technology in geo-graphics, allowing the user to pan, zoom and query maps and find information on a parcel of land. Subscribers can also access Data Download and insert the data into their home application. There is also the ability to print a current or historical land register and view current and historical aerial photography.