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Cathalac opens call for Water Resources Management 2014-15

The Water Center for the Humid Tropics for Latin America and the Caribbean (Cathalac) opens call for the Diploma in Integrated Water Resources Management 2014-2015. The course is offered in an online learning platform and consists of 10 modules that will be covered over a period of 11 months, starting in August 2014 and ending in July 2015. The call will be open until July 7, for applications in the online form.

This year, there is a limited number of grants offered by the Department of Human Development, Education and Employment of the Organization of American States (OAS) and Cathalac for professionals interested in the topic. For more information on eligibility, requirements and application deadline for this benefit, please check the following address: https://www.oas.org/es/becas/desprofesional.asp.

Established in 1992, Cathalac is an International Organization that aims to promote sustainable development through research and development, education and technology transfer on water resources and the environment, providing ways to improve the quality of life in the countries of the humid tropics in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Source: Cathalac