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Caterpillar Inc. acquires Underground Imaging

Latham, US

Caterpillar Inc. has acquired all assets of Underground Imaging Technologies Inc. (UIT) through its majority owned affiliate, Underground Imaging Technologies LLC. UIT is an advanced geophysical services company and technology developer. The acquisition will give Caterpillar the capability to provide geophysical services, specialising in providing three-dimensional representations of underground utilities and other targets.

“UIT’s geophysical expertise and advanced technologies will add dynamic new subsurface infrastructure capabilities to our Connected Worksite offerings,” said Hans Haefeli, vice president with responsibility for the Caterpillar Advanced Systems Division. “But most important, this service provides detailed information that enables design engineers and contractors to proceed on underground projects with a clearer picture of the subsurface environment, contributing to both project cost savings and increased safety on the worksite.”

“The use of advanced near-surface geophysical tools provides highly accurate three-dimensional images and digital maps of subsurface utilities and unknown objects,” said Mark R. Wallbom, CEO of UIT. “Our portfolio of proprietary software and geophysical means and methods has high value for both design and construction projects. Identifying underground impediments—before design and construction begin—speeds the work, saves money and enhances safety. The technology also has potential applications in road building quality control, site evaluation, environmental surveys, and mapping geologic layers for mining applications.”

Extensive data from multiple geophysical and geospatial inputs are processed using a suite of UIT’s proprietary software that effectively integrates the acquisition, processing and analysis of these dissimilar datasets. The process is best defined as geomatic engineering, a modern engineering discipline that integrates acquisition, modeling, analysis and management of spatially referenced data that when fused into common information systems, provides a well-defined and accurate representation of the subsurface that is geo-referenced and tied to control points.

Source: uit-systems.com