Castrol and TomTom to study stop-start driving patterns

Castrol and TomTom to study stop-start driving patterns


Shanghai; Castrol, world”s leading engine oil manufacturers, has partnered with TomTom to study the impact of “stop-start” driving patterns in 50 cities and regions around the world. Both the companies will publish a report highlighting the impact of stop-start driving.

The study will uncover the traffic conditions in 50 key cities and regions around the globe, including North America (New York), Australia (Sydney), Asia (Beijing, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur), Russia (Moscow), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and Europe (London, Istanbul) and Hong Kong.

Castrol”s study has already shown that drivers can experience as many as 18,000 stop-starts every year. This new study will use TomTom’s precise travel and traffic information to analyse driving behaviour across the entire road network. The study will not only prove to be helpful in understanding the traffic patterns but also explore how idling in traffic and waiting at junctions causes microscopic wear in engines. The results will help in accurately measuring stop-start average per kilometre within defined city limits, discover what cities have the heaviest traffic, and show which city”s drivers are most at risk of damaging stop-start wear.