Cartosphere, ESRI France and Maporama in a strategic partnership

Cartosphere, ESRI France and Maporama in a strategic partnership


Paris, France, October 16, 2007: Maporama Intl., geocentric localization services provider, announces the signing of a co-publication agreement with Cartosphere and ESRI France. Through this agreement, Maporama International is providing its expertise and know-how to Cartosphere and ESRI France in the area of high-availability Web Services hosting and management.

ESRI France provides its users with a full catalog of geographic data, used locally, either at the client’s workstation, or on an internal server of the user entity. In the context of technologies and network infrastructures, ESRI France and Cartosphere have decided to offer their users the consumption of their entire data catalog in the form of content Web Services. For the online display of its content, Cartosphere and ESRI France have selected Maporama Intl. for its expertise in providing a remote geographic information consultation service, available 24/7.

As soon as it is launched, all Cartosphere content, including the new France Raster collection, and all of the components of the CS Raster TeleAtlas and CS Raster Navteq collections, will be available to ESRI France clients. By the end of 2007, many other components will be offered in the form of Web Services, and so the range of services will grow over time.

“Web Services open up new and fascinating channels for GIS users. Now it will finally be possible for a large number of users to access many costly or high-density data. Finally, it will be possible to pay for data as it is used. The three partners provide the three essential components for such a project: Cartosphere provides the best data; ESRI France provides powerful and proven GIS technologies; and Maporama Intl. provides its recognized expertise in the operation of very high availability services,” said an impassioned Christophe Charpentier, Managing Director of Cartosphere.