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Cartosat-2B launch postponed till June

India: ISRO has postponed the launch of its cartography satellite Cartosat-2B till June. Originally scheduled for launch May 9, ISRO decided to postpone the flight as it found “a marginal drop in the pressure in the second stage of the vehicle during mandatory checks”.

According to ISRO, “The faulty part is in an inaccessible area as the rocket stages have been fully assembled. The second stage has to be dismantled to spot and correct the fault.”

It may be recalled that ISRO’s heavier rocket Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) went down into the sea April 15 as its own cryogenic engine was not able to sustain combustion beyond one second as one of its turbo pumps was not able to function continuously.

Cartosat-2B will carry a sophisticated panchromatic camera on board to take higher (0.8 metre) spatial resolution imageries with a swath of 9.6 km of specific spots for cartographic applications such as mapping, land information and geographical information system.

Source: TOI