Home News CARTO makes its platform available to support battle against COVID-19

CARTO makes its platform available to support battle against COVID-19

CARTO has made its platform available to public and private sector organizations fighting against the coronavirus outbreak via its grants program.  Some of the 70+ grants that have been approved so far (as of 30th March) include:

  • Colten Care Limited in the UK to visually display and manage the effect of COVID-19 on their care home residents in over 21 locations, and their interaction with families/friends and their employees.
  • Mekansal in Turkey: to create a Turkish mapping portal for Coronavirus for the web and mobile to increase awareness.
  • Los Angeles County Department of Public Health in the US to keep track of the cases in real time in LA County as part of the Acute Communicable Disease Control Program.
  • An individual creating the first Arabic-language COVID-19 map, which will provide access to a much bigger demographic within the Arab world.
  • Hocelot in Spain to avoid emergency calls overloading the system and to identify infection focus.
  • All In One Online in Cyprus.
  • Geomatic Solutions Company in Algeria to develop a dashboard informing on the evolution of the Coronavirus occurrences in Algeria per district.
  • University of Leeds in the UK to perform social epidemiology analysis which can help map and identify risk areas for potential outbreak.
  • Education Week in the US to track school closures.
  • Wuru in Argentina to provide public healthcare datasets that will help individuals and the government make better decisions.
  • RedCross in the Netherlands.
  • Alkemy in Italy: This dashboard created by @alkemy analyzes more than 2 million tweets to understand social media behavior on Twitter throughout the Coronavirus outbreak in Italy.