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Cartifact teams up with Yahoo! to design new online maps

California, USA, 16 May 2007: Cartifact announced that their map designs are prominently featured in the new version of Yahoo! Maps. The goal of the project was to create a style distinct from other web maps, in both visual appeal and content.

It is said that the new map styles aim to present cartographic information in a clean and attractive format, calling upon both local conventions and graphic techniques derived from the long history of printed maps.

At various zoom levels, Cartifact has supplied data and imagery for the new Yahoo! Maps styles, including shaded relief showing land surface features and land cover coloring indicating major environmental zones. In the maps of New York and San Francisco, Cartifact also defined and labeled neighborhoods, and at the closest views, labeled and colored selected buildings to designate their primary usage.

The design process spanned nine months, with teams from both companies meeting on location at Yahoo! and Cartifact headquarters. The project first focused on the design elements and later on the engineering and coding requirements. One of the technical challenges of the project was developing a way to deliver rich aesthetic content without hampering online speed.

Cartifact, operating in Los Angeles, provides custom maps and cartographic services for clients in private and public sectors worldwide, and develops new mapping technology. More about Cartifact can be found on its web site at www.cartifact.com.