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Carney named new CEO of SPO?s U.S. operations

Neal Carney has been named the new Chief Executive Officer of SPOT Image Corporation. Carney served the last 4 years as Senior Vice President/ Chief Operating Officer of SPOT’s U.S. operation. His involvement with commercial remote sensing began 10 years ago, in 1992, when he joined SPOT Image Corporation. Carney replaces Gene Colabatistto who will depart August 30, 2002.

SPOT 1, SPOT 2, SPOT 3 and SPOT 4 offer images at resolutions of 10 to 20 meters. The new SPOT 5 satellite, launched on 4 May 2002, has the unique ability to acquire very wide-swath imagery (60 km x 60 km) at high resolution (2.5 meters), as well as 5-meter and 10-meter imagery. SPOT 5’s High Resolution Stereoscopic instrument (HRS) also has the capacity to obtain stereo imagery for production of digital elevation models (DEMs) covering any part of the globe. The ability to acquire imagery daily, anywhere in the world, is a key advantage of the SPOT constellation.