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CARIS SFE 5.3 features Web Map Tile Service

Canada: CARIS, marine GIS and hydrographic software developer, released Spatial Fusion Enterprise (SFE) version 5.3 featuring the new Web Map Tile Service (WMTS). SFE allows an organisation to deliver its geospatial information to the web using open standards and the latest technology.

WMTS is an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard that improves the performance and scalability of web-mapping by using “tiles” of pre-rendered data. This offers performance benefits over the OGC Web Map Service (WMS) standard. By requesting map images from the server combined with the ability to store the images for future use, performance gains through WMTS are significant.

CARIS has taken this one step further allowing multiple layers from any number of data sources grouped into a single layer prior to being drawn. The benefit of this approach is that the client application now only needs to request one draw for each tile, instead of one draw for each layer within a tile.

Kevin Wilson, Strategic Accounts Manager at CARIS, said, “Our preliminary tests of SFE 5.3’s WMTS indicates that the draw time is up to ten times faster. This is important as many of our users are interested in web-enabling high resolution bathymetry data through public or internal portals. With SFE 5.3, CARIS can now offer these clients the performance they require to achieve their business goals.”

Source: CARIS