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CARIS Hydrographic Production Database Version 1.0 Shipping

CARIS’ hydrographic database system for S-57 Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) production, CARIS Hydrographic Production Database (HPD), Version 1.0 is now shipping.

HPD is a system for maintaining hydrographic source data and to derive and manage multiple types of products including S-57 ENCs, DIGEST Digital Nautical Charts, paper charts, Notices to Mariners and various textual documentation among others.

The two main components introduced in this release include the CARIS HPD Source Editor for interactive maintenance and editing of hydrographic data and the CARIS S-57 Product Editor for creation and export of S-57 data cells and updates.

A database driven approach to hydrographic information management and production has long been anticipated among national hydrographic offices and charting agencies worldwide. Using CARIS HPD the concept of One Object, One Time is achieved since the system eliminates the need for duplicate data while allowing each object to have multiple representations for support of cartographic generalizations on multiple scales. CARIS HPD also stores full history of objects and products so all changes to the data are stored in the database.