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Carbon Project announces full release of CarbonTools PRO

Burlington, USA, 16 February 2007 – The Carbon Project has announced the full release of CarbonTools PRO, an extension to the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework for advanced location content handling, mapping and sharing.

“CarbonTools PRO is a unique platform providing .NET programmers with the software tools they need to easily incorporate location content in their development, regardless of the content type or source,” said Jeff Harrison, President and CEO of The Carbon Project.

“The CarbonTools PRO extension to .NET lets developers quickly add complex geospatial data types and services, using a language that’s in the ‘comfort zone’ of mainstream programmers rather than GIS professionals,” said Nuke Goldstein, CTO and COO of The Carbon Project.

“With CarbonTools PRO developers can combine consumer-oriented content from providers such as Microsoft Virtual Earth, Yahoo! Maps and Google Earth with traditional GIS sources like Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) GML, WMS, WFS, WCS, ESRI Shapefiles, MapInfo, Autodesk, OpenSource Geospatial Foundation and more. So it’s now easy to create and use maps that mix and match location-based content and service types.”

CarbonTools PRO is already in use around the world providing the foundation for many applications including ((Echo))MyPlace, the first-ever geosocial networking application that uses IPv6-based, peer-to-peer networking to connect people and places (free beta download at www.echomyplace.com).

CarbonTools PRO includes a powerful new symbology engine for meaningful maps, tools for working online or offline with location content, tools for creating and sharing geospatial-notes, over twenty code samples to jump start development and all the source code for Gaia 3 – a powerful application for accessing, visualizing and sharing location content.

CarbonTools PRO is available for $1,995 USD under a per developer license. For more information visit www.CarbonTools.com.

– About The Carbon Project
The Carbon Project is a Microsoft Certified Partner that pioneers innovative geosocial solutions and makes location-based information accessible and usable to everyone, everywhere. The Carbon Project’s flagship product, CarbonTools PRO, is an extension to the Microsoft .NET Framework that supports advanced location content handling, mapping and sharing. The revolutionary CarbonCloud peer-to-peer (P2P) framework is the world’s first P2P framework for sharing location content. For more information visit www.TheCarbonProject.com.