Capturing Reality Forum combines SPAR Europe, ELMF

Capturing Reality Forum combines SPAR Europe, ELMF


Austria: The best of SPAR Europe and European LiDAR Mapping Forum are set to come together into a single event called Capturing Reality Forum in Salzburg, Austria, from November 23-25, 2015. The conference will focus on the technologies of laser scanning, LiDAR, 3D data capture and modelling. It will feature around 50 groundbreaking papers to be presented by industry leaders from across the globe.

Three days of technical papers will include discussions on capturing data on a big data level, potentially useful for reconstruction of structures that may be lost or damaged through natural causes, terrorism or retrospective reconstruction of structures that no longer exist; details of an innovative terrestrial and handheld data fusion approach for reality capture purposes; the potential from using 4D LiDAR data analysis as a natural extension of current technology; and the deployment of cutting-edge technology sUAVs (small Unmanned Aerial Systems) to perform large, country size airborne LiDAR collection programmes and capture vertical structures such as rock faces.

Not only this, the Capturing Reality Forum will also showcase an exhibition of 40 stands displaying the world’s leading manufacturers, software developers and service providers of 3D imaging, laser scanning and LiDAR products. As an extra benefit to delegates, many of the exhibiting companies will host workshops; providing an opportunity for further discussion of technology.

To avail early bird rates, register here before October 15, 2015.

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