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Cape Town develops GIS-based property data system

Cape Town, South Africa: The City of Cape Town unveiled its newly developed Integrated Spatial Information System (ISIS). ISIS is a world class integrated property data management system, designed to help the City better manage a wide range of property-related business processes.

The new ISIS system automates both spatial and financial business processes, some of which were previously done manually. ISIS uses a combination of separate computer systems which reduces red tape.

ISIS also integrates the City”s property information and property records management systems into one. The systems used to capture, store, maintain and manage property-related information were previously managed separately. Incomplete information, data inconsistency and delayed handovers between Departments as a result of the manual processes and disparate systems meant delays in capturing and making data available.

The new system now offers one single view of a property (both financially and spatially) with all its attributes (for example ownership) which is accessible by City staff. Updates are now synchronised, improving co-ordination between City Departments such as Valuations, Revenue, Planning and Building Development Management, Property Management and Housing as well as the Deeds Office, Surveyor General and conveyance attorneys.

Through the integration of the transaction system with the GIS, all the City”s transactions related to properties are also geographically displayed, making it possible to do spatial analyses of transactions. This means that geographic reports of trends can be created.

In a later phase of the project, a web portal will also be created to serve information to the public.

Source: CBN