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CanMap® releases RouteLogistics V6.0

DMTI Spatial, of Canada has announced the new and unique features with the release of CanMap® RouteLogistics V6.0: a route hierarchy for optimized routing across Canada, road gradient information for heavy and dangerous goods transportation, road elevations for adjusted distances and travel times and our CanMap® Rail data for intermodal routing.

DMTI Spatial recognizes that actual distances travelled can be much greater in hilly or mountainous areas because slope distances are longer than horizontal distances. The inclusion of road elevation data in CanMap RouteLogistics V6.0 represents a significant advancement in the determination of more accurate distance, speed and travel times.

As Canada’s first and only nationwide routing file, CanMap RouteLogistics V6.0 remains the leading solution for those clients who require detailed and accurate map based routing for the Web, automated vehicle location (AVL), location based services (LBS), in-car navigation, fleet management and route optimisation software.

CanMap RouteLogistics V6.0 also contains all the nationwide features of CanMap Streetfiles V6.0, including the addition of over 2,100 kilometers of addressed street segments increasing addressed coverage to 87% of the population and over 6,900 kilometers of new named street segments covering 99% of the population.