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Canary Islands to set up remote sensing centre

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain: The Canary Islands government promotes a plan to install a Remote Sensing Centre which includes product data and Earth observation, remote sensing sensors, the market and applications potential and the economic study associated with the infrastructure and personnel necessary for its operation.

This is one of the objectives of remote sensing structuring project promoted by the Government of the Canary Islands, managed by the Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias (ITC) and directed by Francisco Eugenio González, professor of the Department of Signals and Communications at the University of Las Palmas Gran Canaria (ULPGC).

The project is expected to develop new applications and services that should be implemented to promote sustainable development in areas such as Canary in marine environment, land and air, meteorology, agriculture, fisheries, oceanography, renewable energy, change climate, natural disaster prevention, planning, surveying and mapping.

In addition, the project also aims to identify the market associated with remote sensing and enhance the development and creation of technology-based companies in the Canaries.

To achieve this goal, it will cooperate with the Canary Institute of Marine Science, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, the National Institute of Aerospace Technology, the Meteorological Agency, councils, municipalities and companies.

Source: abc.es