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Canadian PM supports GenNext RS satellites

Canada: Stephen Harper, Prime Minister, Canada, announced support for the next phase of the RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM), a system of three advanced remote sensing (RS) satellites.

Through Budget 2010, the Harper Government announced additional support for the Canadian Space Agency to develop the RADARSAT Constellation Mission.  Government support for the RCM will advance the Government’s priority to position Canada as a key player in advanced research and space technology development.

“By supporting the world-class RADARSAT Constellation Mission, our Government will ensure Canada maintains its role as a world leader in aerospace technology,” Prime Minister Harper said.  “This cutting-edge project will create highly-skilled jobs, and attract the world’s best scientists, technicians and engineers to Canada’s world-renowned space industry.”

From the unique vantage point of space, the RADARSAT Constellation will provide National Defence with daily coverage of Canada’s land mass and ocean approaches from coast-to-coast-to-coast, especially in the Arctic, and support our troops deployed on active service in Canada and abroad.

“The RADARSAT project has consistently allowed us to defend our Arctic sovereignty, protect the Arctic ecosystem, and develop our resources,” said Prime Minister Harper.  “This new phase of RADARSAT will ensure we stay at the forefront of these priorities.”

Source: pm.gc.ca