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Canadian Ecology Center recognized for use of GIS in Forestry and Environmental Education

The Canadian Ecology Center (CEC) was presented with an Award of Excellence at ESRI Canada’s Regional User Conference in North Bay. Alex Miller, President of ESRI Canada, presented the Award in recognition of the Canadian Ecology Center’s on-going efforts and dedication to providing students and teachers with forestry and environmental education programs that incorporate GIS as well as their Internet mapping sites.

The CEC, a non-profit organization with charitable education status, is counted among the Canada’s leading environmental learning centers and is based on Ontario Curriculum. The CEC facilitates informed choices by presenting students and teachers with a better understanding of conservation and development issues and options related to the environment and the forest industry. The CEC (located near Mattawa, Ontario) is becoming a preferred venue for training courses, workshops, forestry tours, seminars, and conferences, most of which include a strong GIS component. They provide GIS training in their state-of-the-art computer lab as well as in the field (e.g. data collection using ArcPad/GPS).

Also, in cooperation with the closely affiliated Forestry Research Partnership (www.forestresearch.ca), the CEC successfully implemented Internet mapping technology (ArcIMS) in an effort to better communicate the results of new forest science and research to forestry workers and professionals across Ontario, Canada, and the world.

ESRI Canada presents Awards of Excellence annually to organizations and individuals across the country for their outstanding achievement in the application of GIS technology.