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Canadian city recognized for its enterprise GIS

The Canadian city of Kamloops was presented with an Award of Excellence at ESRI Canada’s Interior Pacific Regional User Conference in Penticton. Myron Doherty, Pacific Region Manager for ESRI Canada, presented the Award in recognition of the City of Kamloops’ innovative application of Enterprise GIS technology. Adam Chadwick, GIS Manager for the City of Kamloops, was on hand to receive the award.

“Each year we like to honour one of our many deserving clients with an Award of Excellence,” said Mr. Doherty. “In the case of this year’s recipient, the award is well deserved. Kamloops has been a leader in spatial data collection and distribution for many years. They have also been a leader in the integration of Enterprise GIS technology into many city departments such as finance and engineering. The result is that most city employees have access to a wide variety of information via an Intranet mapping site, greatly decreasing the amount of time spent chasing down the required information.”

Within the city, many departments for a variety of different functions use GIS. The city also has a web mapping application built with ArcIMS (www.kamloops.ca/maps). The site provides citizens with live access to map information linked to an internal property system for recording legal information, assessment and tax details, utility service connections, utility billing, local improvements, and much more.

City field crews have access to water, drainage, sanitary, and road utility information by utilizing the capabilities of Tablet PCs and ArcReader. The city converted their hardcopy plan and profile utility maps to a full 3D utility network stored within ArcSDE. The data is accessible via the Tablet PCs. In addition, through the collaborative efforts of the Integrated Cadastral Initiative Society (www.icisociety.ca), of which the City of Kamloops was a founding partner, external utility data from BC Hydro, Telus, Terasen Gas, and Shaw Cable is also available on the Tablet PCs.

ESRI Canada presents Awards of Excellence annually to organizations and individuals across the country for their outstanding achievement in the application of GIS technology.