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Canadian airport leverages Esri technology to increase efficiency

Edmonton International Airport. (Courtesy of Edmonton International Airport.)Canada: Edmonton Inter-national Airport (EIA) in Alberta, Canada, is undergoing a $1.1bn expansion project that will nearly double its 5.5 mn passenger capacity to accommodate the rapid growth in passenger traffic. To efficiently manage the project, EIA leveraged web mapping technology to create a complete picture of who is where at the site and what construction project or activity may be occurring within its vicinity. EIA engaged Esri Canada Limited to develop an innovative web-based Utility Locator application that allows staff and contractors to quickly access accurate and up-to-date information about the airport's utility assets.

ArcGIS allows EIA to deliver information over the web without requiring additional user training. This is critical because many of its target users do not come from a technical background. EIA uses ArcGIS for Server to integrate numerous databases containing information on the airport's utility assets, including air-side and ground-side electrical systems; natural gas, water, storm water, and sewer networks; as well as construction projects, road networks, buildings, and other geographic data, into a geodatabase.

Source: Esri