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Canada and Chile signs MoU

Santiago,Chile, July 26, 2007 – The Minister of Natural Resources, Gary Lunn and Romy Schmidt, Chilean Minister of National Property, have signed a MoU to develop geospatial knowledge in both countries. The MoU will facilitate the use of tools, such as remote sensing and satellite imagery, for urban development planning and environmental projects.

This mapping agreement will enhance the sustainable development of both Canada and Chile’s natural resources. Over the next few years, we will use the innovative technologies and specialized expertise of Canadian companies to assist Chile in developing its land information system, said Gary Lunn.

The partnership is the result of NRCan’s expertise in land information management and geomatics, and it highlights Canada’s New Government’s continued efforts to develop knowledge, innovation and productivity in the natural resources sectors. The agreement will facilitate Chile’s use of Canadian expertise and models for Canada’s Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) to develop its own national Land Information System and SDI. Both countries will benefit from improved systems to support sustainable development planning in the areas of land zoning, transportation, agriculture, forestry, mineral development and climate change.