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Cameroon lays foundation for geodetic network

Yaounde, Cameroon: Jean-Baptist Beleoken, Minister of State Property and Land Tenure, Cameroon, officially laid the foundation pillar for a National Geodetic Network in Yaounde. It is like a reference pillar of a land survey project that the Cameroon Government intends to carry out in the next six years. The project aims to solve land boundary disputes in the country.

The minister said that the process will not only modernise and ameliorate the business climate in the country, foster peace amongst individuals and communities, but will also improve access to state property. “It will permit international boundaries, administrative borders, State and individual land to be determined, mapped and well surveyed.”

Reports from the Ministry of State Property and Land Tenure indicate that presently, all land survey plans established in Cameron do not meet international standards.

The network is a set of points that will cover the national territory and are distributed in a given order known as geographic, surveying, plane and altimetry coordinates. This network of triangles measured by techniques of terrestrial surveying or by satellite geodesy, forms geodetic points and serves as basis for mapping out land plans. The general objective of the project is to endow the country with an internationally recognised and approved reference geodetic network with a view to setting up a reliable national numeric land surveying.

The project will be implemented in the 10 regions of the country in six years. A total of FCFA 12 billion (FCFA: Cameroon currency) will be spent on the project that will cover 378 council areas.

Source: allAfrica.com