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Call for research proposals of the TTEA 2002

The Takeda Foundation wishes to announce a call for research proposals for this year’s grant program, the Takeda Techno-Entrepreneurship Award. In 2002, the Takeda Foundation will present six awards for R&D activities that will lead to a practical application or commercialized project in the near future.

Each award will be up to 10 million yen (approximately US$80,000) per year for up to three years. The Foundation will accept research proposals from April 1st until May 31st, 2002. Please share this information with colleagues, graduate students or others who might be interested in this funding opportunity.

The six subjects are set for The Takeda Techno-Entrepreneurship Award for 2002, and have the following session:

Session – Novel Applications of Remote Sensing Technology to Environmental Well-being
Chairperson: Yoshifumi Yasuoka (Professor, Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo)

The Takeda Foundation is requesting research proposals that involve novel applications of remote sensing technology to improve the quality of the environment and well-being of our life. The global environment is in a serious situation. There is an urgent need to take countermeasures to offset industrial pollution and manmade environmental problems. One component of this is applying engineering intellect and knowledge to monitoring and accurately measuring the extent
of the earth’s environmental problems.

Remote sensing from satellites or airplanes is critical scientific infrastructure for monitoring the earth. The data provided allows us to take periodic and broad views of our earth’s environmental situation. This workshop is an opportunity to discuss and select projects to improve the quality of the environment by utilizing remote sensing data.

Every application field (e.g., forestry, oceanography, agriculture, climatology, etc.) is considered to be within the scope of our session. Novel approaches that will provide a big impact to important environmental problems are expected. We are open to proposals using all kinds of remote sensing data. If you have difficulty obtaining remote sensing data, you can obtain the sample data on the websites of the Takeda Foundation. (The sample data are the regional data received in Japan.)