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Call for participation in mapping ‘active protests’

UK: The Guardian, a media house, is looking for input to update its map of the still active ‘Occupy’ protests around the world. Since its inception in Zuccotti Park, New York, and then through a wave of activism on the global day of protest on October 15, 2011, the ‘Occupy’ movement has dominated headlines.
Attracting both celebrity endorsements and concerted police crackdowns, the protest camps have become a sign of outrage at economic inequality. Now, The Guardian wants to know how many of such occupations are continuing. At one point, there were 951 protests in 82 countries around the world. In mid-November, as per the reader-aided survey of the Occupy movement logged more than 750 occupations and events.
Now, The Guardian has updated the map of all the Occupy movements worldwide and plotting camps and protests that are still active onto the map. The red dots show protests which started before the winter and the white and black target marks show movements that are still active. Stop signs show those that have since closed down.
Source: The Guardian