Caddie 14 Pro Includes Digital Terrain Modeling

Caddie 14 Pro Includes Digital Terrain Modeling


UK – The latest Caddie 14 Professional CAD system, launched worldwide on 30th September 2008, includes a new integrated Digital Terrain Modeling application, designed to make terrain modeling simple, even for the most basic users, and at a cost that brings it within reach of designers everywhere, however large or small the practice.

This brand new Caddie application provides designers with the tools to automatically generate three-dimensional models of their sites, create contour maps; section; as well as leveling and carrying out cut and fill operations. By using Delaunay triangulation; a system invented in 1934 by Russian mathematician Boris Nikolaevich Delaunay (1890-1980), and now used extensively in the generation of virtual worlds in computer gaming; Caddie interprets simple point height data to create a model of the chosen site, at the click of a mouse or digitizer pen.

Simply load this point height data, readily available as ‘DWG’ and ‘DXF’ drawings from site surveyors and mapping providers such as Promap; or alternatively loaded from Excel spreadsheets, text files or direct from GPS devices and Total Stations, into Caddie, then using the automated tools generate the site profiles or TIN models (Triangular Irregular Network) directly from it. Users can then create site contour maps based on these TIN models, as well as modifying to the model of the site to allow for any proposed development.

Caddie’s DTM Application includes tools for altering site levels as well as performing cut and fill operations, with in-built factoring for soil type to ensure that movement of material to and from site is kept to a minimum. Site sections can be also generated simply by indicating where these sections are required; with the resultant sections being drawn automatically including section heights and reference levels as desired.

Caddie’s DTM application also allows users to automatically generate 3D meshes based on imported point height data; meshes which can then be manipulated, changing heights and node locations as necessary, to redefine the shape and form of the proposed site.

Caddie 14 is available worldwide from 30th September 2008 with the DTM application coming as standard with the Caddie 14 Professional CAD package. In the UK, Republic of Ireland and Europe, Caddie 14 is supplied complete with 12 months software updates and telephone support.