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Cadcorp, the developer of the popular Cadcorp SIS – Spatial Information System – digital mapping/GIS software suite, announced that its business partner, SSi Solutions, has recently won two important contracts, from Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (OFRS) and Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service (WFRS).

Both contracts form part of the two brigades’ Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) support activities, which utilise SSi’s Aquarius modular software solution for fire safety, hydrant management, risk assessment and risk management planning and reporting. Cadcorp SIS was selected by SSi last year as the GIS software platform to power Aquarius.

The contract with Oxfordshire calls for ten licences of Cadcorp SIS CDM Manager while the Warwickshire contract calls for six. Cadcorp SIS CDM Manager enables the deployment of Cadcorp SIS-based applications which incorporate thematic mapping, projection control and query and basic editing functionality at the user level.

Colin Thomas, the OFRS project sponsor said, “The SSi Aquarius system allows us to amalgamate spatial information currently held in CAD plans, with building occupancy details held in a fire safety management database and risk information held in a third database. We recognised that having these three elements available together in one GIS environment would allow us full use of the data, both for the planning and delivery of services. This approach is essential in developing the Integrated Risk Management Plan that is required by our chief officer”, he added.

Part of SSi’s integrated suite of emergency services management software, Aquarius is a map-based planning and resource management system which comprises a range of business process modules which, when combined, constitute a powerful recording, display, analysis and reporting environment for organisations with significant involvement in fire safety and fire risk management. Aquarius is equally applicable whether the customer’s consideration is a geographic area, an office complex, a high-risk facility such as an airport or petrochemical plant, or a manufacturing works etc.