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Cadcorp to launch latest versions of its Internet/intranet-based and mobile GIS software

UK, 1 August 2006: Digital mapping and GIS software developer Cadcorp will demonstrate and launch the latest versions of its Internet/intranet-based GIS, GeognoSIS.NET Version 6.3, mobile GIS software, mSIS – mobile Spatial Information System Version 6.2 and the new Cadcorp SIS OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network (ITN) Manager product at the AGI2006 conference and exhibition to be held at the Business Design Centre in London on 12-14 September.

GeognoSIS.NET Version 6.3, mSIS Version 6.2 and the Cadcorp SIS OS MasterMap ITN Manager are scheduled to begin shipping in early October.

GeognoSIS.NET Version 6.3:
Version 6.3 of GeognoSIS.NET, Cadcorp’s web-based GIS, provides improved scalability and performance through a number of new features. These are designed to appeal mainly to application developers and system administrators and include stored procedures, improved multi-threading, clustering, map and formula caching and support for ‘processor affinity’. With Version 6.3, the GeognoSIS.NET Manager can now create ‘clusters’ of GeognoSIS.NET instances across different machines, and is able to manage the configuration of all instances within the cluster simultaneously. The new map and formula caching capabilities in Version 6.3. The new map cache allows web developers to deploy fast, tile-based applications, for example including dynamic panning.

New data formats supported via cursor-based Datasets with Version 6.3 include ESRI Personal GeoDatabase and MapInfo TAB, to provide fast access to large datasets. Meanwhile, the Plug-in for ESRI ArcIMS now includes Mapdex searching to provide on-line access to the global index of more than 600,000 ESRI ArcIMS Layers.

Additional capabilities for mSIS:
New features introduced with Version 6.2 of Cadcorp mSIS – mobile Spatial Information System include support for a wider range of data types and improved project management facilities.

Cadcorp mSIS is an easy-to-use data capture application for the Pocket PC platform. It is supplied in two parts: a desktop-based project management package, mSIS Office; and the Pocket PC-based data capture software, mSIS Mobile. Newly-supported formats include MapInfo TAB and OS MasterMap via OS MasterMap Database “ODB” files.

For the project manager, mSIS offers the capability to define and control projects effectively from his/her desktop PC using mSIS Office. The ease of performing typical project management tasks, such as choosing the right base map data and configuring the appearance of overlays, has been improved in the latest version with the introduction of an integrated XML Schema Editor called ‘logic tree’ that allows rapid development of bespoke data capture ‘projects’.

New Cadcorp SIS OS MasterMap ITN Manager (GB only):
This is a new, stand-alone product based on the Cadcorp SIS Control and is designed to load initial supply of OS MasterMap ITN data into a link and node network in a Cadcorp file format, maintaining the topological link/node relationships. Delivered with Map Modeller at no extra cost, the product provides the user with options to prepare the data for use with the Cadcorp SIS route-finding tools. These options include: Apply Road Routing Information (RRI) to the network, e.g. no entry, one way, mandatory turn etc; Globally apply ‘no U-Turns’ to the network to prevent route-finding from doubling back down a link; Transfer road names onto the network so that each link contains road name information.

The Cadcorp SIS OS MasterMap ITN Manager is intended to support route planning applications across a wide range of sectors such as planning, monitoring and analysis, asset management, and transport, logistics and distribution.